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  • The 57th Anniversary of the March on Washington

    August 28th marked the 57 year anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington. This was when Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. called for reforms decades ago in his iconic "I Have a Dream" speech. I was there that day and during yesterday's Legislative Special Session, I shared a Point of Personal Privilege on my experience.

  • Virginia League of Conservation Voters has named Senator Howell one of their “Legislative Heroes” of 2019

  • Senator Howell Accepts the Virginia Integrity Challenge

    Senator Howell strongly supports greater transparency and stronger ethics reform.  She is a current Senate member of the Ethics Commission. 

    Follow the VPAP link to learn more about Senator Howell's campaign contributions & expenditures:

  • “Va. bill could enforce penalty for threatening healthcare providers: 'Right now the law is silent'

    By:  Sara McCloskey

    Posted: Jan 29, 2019 06:12 PM EST

    RICHMOND, Va. --- Threatening to do harm to a healthcare provider could land you in jail - if a bill passes the General Assembly.

    Dr. Robin Hemphill, the chief quality and safety officer at VCU Health, has seen and heard of cases where patients or their families get aggressive.

    “We almost feel like it’s our job to take this,” she explained. “People leave, and they feel like they carry this home with them. They will stay awake with it all night.”

  • A Heartwarming Visit

    I was moved almost to tears by a recent visit to my office by law enforcement officers.   Sheriffs, deputies, state police, dispatchers, and local police were all represented  as we squeezed into my Richmond office.


  • Heading Into Coal Country

    Heading Into Coal Country         


    When I think of economic development in Southwest Virginia, I think of drones. And when I think of drones, I think of Jack Kennedy. Jack, a former State Senator and current Clerk of the Courts in Wise, has been the cheerleader in the region and in Richmond about the possibilities that drones present.


  • Visiting Southwest Virginia #1

    Visiting Southwest Virginia #1

    MARION: I was eager to visit Marion because I wanted to talk with Eric Blevins. Eric wrote an op-ed last April in the Richmond Times Dispatch about the drug addiction crisis in his hometown. Eric is in his early thirties and at about thirteen started using various drugs and alcohol. He has been clean for over six years. Currently, he is a peer counselor and is studying to become a licensed counselor. He has seen or experienced it all. I reached out to him to see if he would share his story and advice with me.


  • Visiting the Villes: Farmville, Danville, Martinsville, Hillsville

    Several days ago I wrote about my planned ten day trip to two of the "extremes" of Virginia:  Southside and Southwest.  Augie Wallmayer had written a book about the regions and the extreme challenges they face after the loss of the manufacturing and coal industries. My husband Hunt has spent his whole career in economic development in Latin America and I feel that as a state senator I have a responsibility for all of Virginia. So, we decided to spend our vacation getting to know those regions better.


  • We Are Off!

    My husband Hunt and I have started our eleven-day car trip through Southside and Southwest Virginia.  This is not your typical vacation.  Let me explain. Earlier this year I realized I don't know parts of Virginia as well as I would like. I have gone all over the state for various commission meetings but those are very programmed and rushed.


  • Navigating Student Loans

    One of the most vexing problems facing Virginia families is understanding student loan options.  The whole process is confusing and often opaque.  Navigating the system is difficult. And there are sharks in the water.