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Major Legislation

Major Legislation

Genetic Information Privacy Act

Guaranteed hospital stays for childbirth and infant care (against drive-through deliveries)

Insurance Coverage for Diabetics

Good Samaritan Act for Free Dental and Health Clinics

Police Support for Alzheimer's Patients

Technology Zones

Technology Tax Credit

Value Engineering by VA Dept. of Transportation

Anti-cigarette Trafficking

Provisional licenses for teen drivers

Omnibus Family Violence Prevention Bill

Protective Order Reform

Sex Offender Registry

Megan's Law (Internet Notification)

Increased Sentences for Crimes Against Children

Anti-Stalking Legislation

Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse

Interest on Child Support Arrearages

Notification of victims when criminal is released from jail

Stormwater Management

Omnibus Mental Health Law Reform Bills

Safety Belts Required for Children under age 19

VITA Reform Act

Organ Donation Gift Act

Procedures for Voter Registration

Children's Nutrition and Physical Activity Database

Replace "Retarded" with "Intellectually Disabled" throughout code

Broaden Life and Health Insurance Coverage Permitted


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